Passover Cutting Board

A personalized engraved Passover cutting board is a beautifully crafted wooden board that has been customized with a unique message or design to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover. 

The Passover cutting board is the perfect addition to any kitchen during the holiday season, as it not only adds a decorative touch to your home but also serves as a functional tool for preparing and serving food.

The personalized engraving adds a special touch to the board, making it a unique and meaningful gift for family and friends celebrating the Passover holiday. 

  • Size 14"X11"

  • Each board is finished with a high-quality food grade butcher block conditioner made from mineral oil and natural waxes.

  • To preserve the life of the design, you should only cut and chop on the non personalized side.

  • Wash your cutting board with hot soapy water, wipe excess water with towel, then air dry.

  • Every month, apply a food grade oil to to prevent wood from drying or splitting.

  • Note: Because wood is a natural product, color and grain will vary on each cutting board. Personalization may be lighter or darker due to grain variations.

  • Ships from a small business in New Jersey

  • Usually ship within 2-3 days

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